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We work with clients to develop, refine or complete works in progress. Our coaching and consulting includes everything from inspiration and encouragement to practical advice. 

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We believe storytelling is the common thread that holds humans together. It allows us to express what is important to us, empathize with one another, share our creativity, and give shape to our experiences. Our collaborative team will help bring your story to the page, guide the development of your manuscript, polish your words, and transform them into a book you are proud to send into the world. Your writing is our passion.

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The editing process is crucial for any published writing. We offer four levels of editing. Whether you need simple proofreading for grammar and punctuation or revision of an entire manuscript, your project deserves to be polished and professional. We will assess your manuscript and recommend the necessary level of editing. 

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Your interior book design and cover should fit the goals of your book genre. We format your fully edited manuscript in a design that balances creativity, readability, and the standards of the industry. Our custom-designed book covers will attract the reader's eye, reflect your genre, and represent you and your book. 

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We evaluate your manuscript to determine the right publishing path for your goals. Our publishing services are combined with appropriate levels of editing before the design and formatting begins. Once your book is ready for publication, we guide you through the process of delivering your print ready files to distribution platforms. 

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We work with our clients to develop, refine or complete works in progress. Our coaching and consulting includes everything from inspiration and encouragement to practical advice. Coaching is often done at the beginning of a project to get things off the ground, or midway through a stuck project to get things going again.

What Clients Are Saying

“Exceptional work! The team is always on time, detail oriented and fun to work with. Throughout the process, they didn't miss anything. They are some of the most talented and creative people I have ever met and I’m so thankful they helped shepherd me through the book publishing process.”

Lisa Bain, author of Feel the Rain

"Storia helped me publish my Family HistoryTelling Book. It looks so professional, but more importantly, they walked me through how to gather what was needed for the project. They also helped me create a family tree and include old letters and photos. I'm so grateful!"

Beverly Gilliam, author of write back soon

“Storia helped with all the steps to complete my book, publish it, make it available for purchase and set up the website landing page. Their editing didn’t change my style but made it easier for the reader to understand. People who know me say they hear my voice as they read my story and this is a credit to the team at Storia.”

Stephen W. Barrett, Author of The Unlikely Missionary

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