Family HistoryTelling

Our Family HistoryTelling service provides a way for you to capture the stories that can be passed from generation to generation. 


Every family has stories. 

But if we don't preserve them, they are lost to future generations.

Why preserve these stories?

  • Knowing our family history can be a powerful antidote against adverse life experiences we face today.

  • Documenting family stories gives future generations a glimpse into history.

  • The stories won't endure unless someone keeps them going.

Why Choose Storia for Your Family HistoryTelling Book?

  • We don’t produce a book that is simply questions and answers taken from prompts or a questionnaire, but instead give your book a narrative flow.
  • We edit your stories for grammar, typos, and spelling.
  • Our book covers are eye-catching and make your book appealing to both younger and older family members.
  • We walk you through the steps of capturing the stories and memories of your family members and are available for support along the way.
  • We offer three levels of service so you can choose what fits your budgets needs.
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