Experts say 80% of people want to write a book "someday."

If you are dreaming of writing your story, you are one of the 80 percent, but getting there isn’t easy. There are so many choices to make along the way and confusing detours that can pull you away from your dream of publishing. Whether you need help getting started with your writing or taking your completed manuscript across the publishing finish line, we are here to help. Our approach is personal: we believe in you and your story, and our services reflect that. We’ll spend time with you so we can understand your publishing goal and the best way to help you make it happen. Let’s get started!

Main Services


Whether you need simple proofreading for grammar and punctuation or revision of an entire manuscript, your project deserves to be polished and professional.


We format your fully edited manuscript in a design that balances creativity, readability, and the standards of the industry. Our goal is to create a design worthy of your words.


We evaluate your manuscript to determine the right publishing path for your goals. We prepare your print and e-book, upload it to your preferred platform, proof, and launch for purchase.


Our coaching and consulting services include everything from inspiration and encouragement to practical advice to assist your writing process - from start to finish! 

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